"Yo Adrienne!"
The number of times that's been called out when slating my name at auditions is laughable. It got to the point where I would pretend not to get the reference. I spent a long time resenting my name & its association with the movie Rocky. Then I learned the story behind the franchise & found myself relating tremendously.

Turns out, Stallone wrote the script in 3 days & pitched it with the intent of playing the lead. Producers loved the concept, but not with a nobody as its lead. Finally, with barely $100 in his bank account, Stallone was given a budget of $1 million & a shot at stardom. The rest is history!

Sometimes we have to make our own breaks & manifest our own destiny. And that's what I'm here to help you accomplish. From writing a play to producing my own variety show, I'm well versed in creating my own opportunities to showcase my performance artistry, especially when no one is available to promote me. My tenacity has kept my passion alive & I'm here to show you how to pursue your dreams by becoming the star of your own story, Yo Adrienne style.
xoxo Adrienne
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